After Interview Thank You Letters for Job Applicants

Many job applicants don’t think to send an after

interview thank you letter, but they should.

A simple thank you can trigger the memory of an interviewer and bring your resume to the top of the pile.

It can also serve as a second opportunity to “sell” your talents.

You spent the time and energy looking for this job—why not cinch it with the cost of a stamp? Or better yet, maximize your exposure by hand delivering your message.

Even if you’ve decided to decline an offer, an after interview thank you letter explaining your decision may land you a different position later on. Never burn your bridges!

Here are some sample letters to guide you in personalizing one of your own.


Dear Ms. Wright:

I sincerely appreciate the time you took with me this afternoon. You were thorough in describing your requirements for the

marketing manager position.

Although I am impressed with your firm, I am concerned that my creative vision might be a bit “avant-garde” for the conservative nature of Braxton & Wright. For this reason, I politely remove my name from consideration.



Dear Mr. Olsen:

Thank you for setting aside time to interview me

yesterday for the IT position with Sakie Motors, USA. It is exciting to think of working for such a technological leader.

Based on our discussions, I feel my expertise with virtual manufacturing will contribute to the refinement of your next phase of development. You have an energetic and inspired team at work. My proficiency with visualization techniques will enhance their productivity.

Please keep me informed of your decision to fill this position. I can be reached anytime, anywhere at



Dear Ms. Spanteel:

I wanted to send you a short note of appreciation for the

opportunity to speak with you about the massage therapist opening at Eloise’s Salon. I love the space you’ve created in the Salon for massage. It is very conducive to relaxation and privacy.

Your clientele appears similar in demographics to my own, most of who I’m sure will be happy to follow me to Eloise’s. My ability to attract new clients should benefit both of us, should you decide to bring me aboard.

I’m happy to give you a free massage

to demonstrate my ability. You can reach me at 555-3965. Thanks again for your time!


After you get that marvelous job, you can use the thank you note samples on our employment thank you letters page.

Thank you note examples that can be used in the workplace, can be found on our business thank you notes page.

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