Business Thank You Letters for Customers and Suppliers

If you are in business for yourself, you might find it difficult to take the time to send business thank you letters. As a small-business owner, you may 

well be the head salesperson, purchasing manager, human resource director, payroll administrator, stock clerk, and janitor all in one!

Who has energy left over to write a thank you note?

Well, you might consider that NOT sending business thank you letters could cost you business!

In today’s impersonal world, a personal note builds relationships, and relationships are what great customer service is all about.

A thank you note mailed to a new customer may drive that customer back, or send referral business your way.

Loyal customers are your best advertisement!

Thank you letters to suppliers lets them know you appreciate them; a good relationship might help when you need special terms or expedited delivery.

Take the time to send a personal note and watch your business grow!

For some good ideas, here are some examples.

Thank You Notes

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones:

I had fun this morning helping you pick out a bicycle for your son’s birthday! Thank you for making Smith’s Bikes your family bike shop.

Please remember to bring Mikey and his new bike in so we can do all the necessary adjustments to make his bicycle fit. And if blue turns out to be the wrong color, you can exchange it for the green one.

No appointment is necessary, but our busiest times are on the weekend. You might want to consider coming during the week for a more relaxed visit!

Thanks again!


Dear Ms. Brazinski:

It was our pleasure to cater your parents’ 50th anniversary party last fall. We’re glad that you were happy enough with our service that you referred us to your neighbors, the Mayers. As you might know, we will be catering their daughter’s graduation next month.

We hope that your parents are doing well on their way to another year together. They certainly are an inspiration to all of us!

Thanks again for the referral!



Dear Mr. Williams:

We received our spring order this morning. What a surprise to find a box of Girl Scout Cookies packed in with the swim suits! Thank you for thinking of us, it was just the thing to ease the tension as we ready for our big sale.

With the unseasonably warm weather this week, we anticipate a successful sale. I’m a little worried that we didn’t order enough stock. How quickly could we get a fill-in order shipped?

Thanks for your help, as always!


If you interested in more business thank you letters, check out our customer thank you notes page .

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