More Examples of Thank You Notes

Want examples of thank you notes that you can use for friends or family members?

If so, you'll find several good notes below that can be used as is, or as a starting point for creating your own. The following thank you notes are appropriate to send someone who has given you a gift.

Ideally, your note should be received by the gifter within two weeks from the time your gift arrives.

However, most people will understand if your note gets to them a little later. After all,

a late thank you note is better than none at all!

Examples of Thank You Notes for Personal Gifts

Dear Ron:

I was floored by the exquisite perfume that you sent. How on earth did you know that (name of perfume) was my favorite? The bottle will be a magnificent addition to my collection.

Whenever I admire it, I'll think of you, one of my dearest friends.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. Your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.



Dear Marie:

I truly appreciate the novel you sent me. I can hardly wait to begin reading it. Since you enjoy great novels as much as I do, I'm sure the story is an engaging one. Reading it will provide me a welcome break in my busy schedule.

Thanks so much for your very kind gift. If you don't hear from me for a few'll know I'm totally engrossed in the story!

Best Always,



I can't begin to thank you enough for the cool mp3 player you bought for my birthday. As you know, I'm a big music fan. I've already loaded all of my favorite songs onto it, and use it every day during my morning runs.

Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday.

With warmest thanks,


Dear Chloe:

How can I ever thank you for the awesome chain belt you gave me for my birthday? It's one of the most beautiful ones that I've seen, and I am so grateful to have it. I've already worn it twice, and received many complements.

How did you know that it would go so well with my new gold flats and matching purse? It's great to have friends like you who help keep me looking so chic. Thanks for making this birthday such a memorable one.


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