Job Interview Thank You Note

After meeting with a potential employer, it is important to send a job interview thank you note. A thank you can differentiate you from your competition and give you that extra edge.

If you have several interviews with different prospects, it might be difficult to remember details later. Jot down a few observations after each interview. Recall something specific about the interview that you can include in your thank you note.

Did you have a question you forgot to ask? Was there a problem facing the company that you think you could solve? Did your interviewer mention something personal that you could refer to later?

Even if you aren’t interested in a particular position, sending a job interview thank you note demonstrates professionalism. In a polite, but direct manner you should explain why it isn’t a good fit.

However, there may be another job available that would be a better match for your skills and experience. Don’t be shy. Ask if there are other positions available. If not, try for a referral elsewhere. You never know, another door could open for you!

Job Interview Thank You Note

Dear Ms. Quincy:

I am grateful for the time you were able to give me this morning. I know your schedule was hectic.

The position we talked about seems just right for me, but I do have one question that I didn’t have time to bring up. Would I be reporting directly to you? Your knowledge and experience is impressive and I would love the opportunity to learn from you.

I can be reached any time at 555-4323, or by email if that is easier for you:



Dear Mr. Vernette:

I enjoyed speaking to you yesterday about the position of field service manager. My experience with managing a lawn-care crew should translate nicely to the tasks you described.

You mentioned that your biggest problem is employee retention. This was also a big issue in the lawn-care business. One way I found to alleviate this was to engage my crew in monthly meetings where we discussed company policies, opportunities, and brainstormed ways to improve the way we did things. Perhaps an approach like this could help your situation.

I’d be happy to talk to you more about this anytime. Let me know if you’d like to have me come in again to discuss this further.



Dear Mrs. Manohan:

Thank you for the interview this afternoon for the position of assistant program developer. Your facilities are remarkable. I’m excited that you are considering me for the job.

You mentioned that you miss spending time with your grandchildren. You are fortunate to live so close to them. My mother lives in Florida, so she only gets to see my kids once or twice a year. I’m sure that with an assistant to pick up some of your workload, you’d be able to get out more to see your grandkids. Given my experience, I'm sure that I can be up to speed right away.

Here is my cell number if you have any questions: 555-8923. I hope you don’t mind if I contact you within the next week.


Please see our thank you interview letter and interview thank you letter samples pages for more ideas.

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