Poems to Say Thank You to Those You Care About

In today’s hectic electronic age, a hand-written verse delivered in a note card can cause your loved one to pause, and reflect on you.

Send a card when it is not expected. You will be sure to brighten a loved-one’s day.

Below, you'll find two sample thank you poems. They are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Thank You Poems

Thank you, Mom, for knowing

When I need a hand to hold.

You bring such light into my life,

You’re like a marigold.


How can I thank you dear?

Let me count the ways…

You settle me softly

When my world is crazed.

You make me laugh

When I’m in a daze.

You grasp my hand

When I’m lost in a maze.

I’m so grateful you’re here

You brighten my days!

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