Getting printable cards for free has never been easier!

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These days, finding free thank you cards online
is a snap. They can help make the task of getting out those messages of gratitude for gifts, favors, etc. so much simpler.

Still, in a society where people favor chatting and doing business via computer, the writing of thank you cards has become a lost art.

But taking a few moments to compose a message of gratitude to a friend, family member or coworker can do wonders for the relationship.

Once you actually begin, I guarantee that jotting down that sincere word of thanks will make you feel good as well.

Here are five steps to crafting the perfect message for your printable card:

GREETING - It might seem obvious, but opening a thank you with the person’s name immediately draws attention.
GRATITUDE - Get right to the meat of it. Don’t waste words. Thank the person for the gift, the favor, their time, whatever. Be specific, although you might not want to mention the amount of a cash gift.
GIFT USE - Write a short line about how you will use the gift, or how the favor helped you.
GRATITUDE, AGAIN - Keep it simple, but repeat it.
GOOD-BY - Close with whatever sentiment works.

Note for a Friend

Dear Steve:

Thanks so much for running my errands for me last weekend. I know how precious your Saturday mornings are to you. But you knew that I needed that extra day to recuperate from the flu.

Life is so much easier with great friends like you!

Thanks again, for your very thoughtful help.


Message for a Coworker

Dear Yolanda:

I know how crazy your schedule was last week. That’s why I so appreciate your helping me with the training session last Friday. I definitely owe you a grand dinner for coming to my rescue. I’ll ring you early next week to find out what evening would be best for you.

Thanks again for all of your help. It was a pleasure working with you.

Warm regards,

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