Resume Thank You Letter Samples

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A prospective employer might have hundreds of resumes to review. Consider mailing a résumé thank you letter as a follow up.

If the employer hasn’t had a chance to read your résumé yet, your letter might bring it to the top of the stack.

If he has read your résumé, your follow up will likely garner a closer look.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you decide to send a résumé thank you letter.

Sending a résumé thank you letter - things to remember

  • Wait at least five working days after the receipt of your résumé before sending a résumé thank you letter — you don’t want to appear impatient. If there are a lot of applicants, it might take a while to schedule interviews.
  • Keep your letter short, and to the point.
  • Be sure to include pertinent details: your name and contact information, what position you are applying for, and when you sent your résumé.
  • Briefly state why you are the best candidate for the position.
  • Attach another copy of your résumé.
  • Thank the person for taking the time to consider you for the position.

In this tough job market, anything you can do to highlight your talents and experience will increase your prospects!

Resume Thank You Letter Sample 1

Dear Mr. Colton:

My name is ________________ and I sent you my résumé April 23rd for the position of Marketing Specialist. I hope you have had a chance to review it. I’ve attached another copy if, for some reason, you haven’t received it.

It would be a pleasure to discuss how my experience can help your team meet its marketing objectives for the upcoming year.


Resume Thank You Letter Sample 2

Dear Ms. Franks:

My experience at ______________ in marketing for the last ___________ years has kept me on the cutting edge of technology, which should fit perfectly with your requirements.

I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this position with your company. I am available any time for an interview.

I look forward to speaking with you about my strategies in today’s changing economy.



Resume Thank You Letter Sample 3

Dear Suzanne:

I dropped my résumé off in Human Resources last Monday as directed by the job posting for Manager. If you haven’t received it, I’ve attached a second copy to this letter.

My experience on the shop floor, together with my recent Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from XYZ University, provides just what is needed to fulfill the requirements for this position.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this job. I look forward to speaking to you about it.


Other Types of Resume Thank You Letter for Job Hunters

This article is intended to help you create a résumé thank you letter to be sent after sending the original résumé. But what if a prospective employer has already shown interest and you have attended an interview?

In that case, please see our interview thank you notes

These samples not only say 'thank you for reviewing my resume' but also show you how to demonstrate that you are truly the right person for the job.

For more samples, please also see our after-interview thank you letter pages.

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