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If you're not good at putting your feelings into words, consider giving a poem to someone you care about.

The words don't have to be your own. They do need to convey your true feelings.

Below, you'll find poems you can use for special friends.

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Thank You Poems

Being With You

By Julie Spann

Whenever I'm feeling sad.
Being with you makes me glad.

You always know just what to say,
To brighten up a challenging day.

And so this little poem I send,
To you, my very dearest friend.


Birds of a Feather

By Julie Spann

It's true that birds of a feather
Really do stick together.

Which is why I'll never regret,
That fateful day when we met.

Thank you for being a good friend;
A loyal companion to the end!


Sister Friends

By Julie Spann

Sister friend, I was thinking of you today,
So I thought I'd write and say...

Thanks for all the fun-filled days.
I love you for your silly ways,

Your heart of gold, and depth of mind.
A truer friend, no girl could find!

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