Thank You Card Wording for Personal Cards and Notes

After a meeting with a prospective client you wonder, “Can I come up with just the right thank you card wording to land this deal?” You know that a personal thank you note goes a long way in developing a relationship.

When composing your letter, keep a few key things in mind. Thank your contact for giving you their time, refer briefly to the reason for your meeting, list a few potential benefits from an association with you, and include contact information and when you will next be in touch. Add something personal if you felt a rapport, but keep it genuine. Anything else will be sure to backfire.

Keep the tone of your thank you card wording appropriate to the situation. A note to the owners of a “mom and pop” ice cream shop might read less formal than one to the buyer of an international manufacturing company!

Dear Sam and Alicia Barton:

Thanks for giving me a few moments this morning to show you the latest in ice cream cone flavors. I can see that the warm weather is keeping you busy!

Your location near Cisco High School is great. As we discussed, I can supply you with window posters and other in-store advertising to introduce our new “sprinkle cones.” Once the word gets out I’m sure you’ll see an increase in after-school sales.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 555-7934, or if it’s easier, drop me an email at I’ll stop by on Friday when school lets out to see how you’ve done with the samples I left—if you need help at the counter, I’ll scoop for a few hours, too!



Dear Mr. Thompson:

This note is to show my appreciation for the time you took out of your demanding schedule to meet with me concerning my quote for producing wicky-wadgets for Thompson Tooling. I am confident that Brockway Enterprises can meet your schedule.

I know I mentioned that we have been ISO-9001-certified since 2003, but you should also know that our engineers have over 200 combined years of experience. Our wicky-wadgets are sure to exceed your quality requirements.

If you or anyone in your engineering department has any questions, please call our engineering manager, Steve Dunbar, direct at 555-1234. I hope you won’t mind if I follow up with a telephone call first thing Monday morning.


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