Thank You Letter Writing Tips for Kid's Gifts

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It is never too early to get your kids in the thank you letter writing habit. You can start by writing a thank you note for a child's gift in crayon on a homemade card—in his or her “voice.”

When your baby is old enough to be interested in what you are doing, but still can’t write,

explain the thank you and ask him what he’d like to say to the person you are writing. 

Copy verbatim what he says.  Have him scribble a picture on the front of the card.

Keep things simple. 

“Dear Grandma, thank you for the toy.  I will have lots of fun with it.  Love, Sammy.”

Help your kids with thank you note writing from day one and they will grow up understanding that the “right” thing to do is to always mail a thank you.

Thank You Note Examples

Dear Godparents,

Thank you for my new blanket.  I just love snuggling in it with Mommy when she holds me after my bath.  It is so warm!  I can’t wait to see you! 

Thanks again!



Dear Aunt Elsie and Uncle Joe,

I really like my new fire truck!  Thanks for sending it to me on my 2nd birthday.  I wish you were here to play with me.

Thanks and bye, bye!

Love you,


Dear Mr. Townley,

Thank you for teaching me how to play T-ball.  It is really fun, especially when I get to run around the bases. 

My dad says you are a good coach.  I am glad that you are my coach. 

Thanks for everything!

Your friend,

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