Thank You Note Examples for Customers Who Buy from You

More Customer Thank You Note Examples

Our Customer Thank You Notes pages are written primarily for visitors whose work involves direct or indirect sales.

These can be sales of products or services; to businesses or consumers.

However, the idea of writing thank you notes to those with whom we work and do business is not new. The trouble is, we often get so caught up in our "must do" lists, that the task of writing thank you notes gets pushed aside for "a better time".

That's where this site can help. You'll find many thank you note examples here that you can use for a variety of business and personal situations.

Let's start on this page, with several thank you notes that you can send to customers after they buy from you.

I wish you much continued success!

Thank You Note Example for a Customer Who Bought a Motor Vehicle

Dear _________________:

Congratulations on being the proud owner of a new Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider. After you've enjoyed a few hundred miles of open road, remember to drop in for your free full-service tune-up which expires after 120 days.

This is our way of letting you know how much we appreciate your business. We also want to help you protect your investment through regularly scheduled maintenance.

We look forward to serving you soon. Until then, enjoy the Pacific Coast shoreline.

Best regards,


Thank You Note Examples for Customers Who Bought Appliances

Dear _________________:

Congratulations on your purchase of your _____________ juicer. We know from experience that you will soon be telling your friends and family about the health benefits of freshly made juices, and how easy they are to prepare with the ______________ juicer.



Dear _________________:

No doubt that your _______________ dish washer has been a trememdous help to you in the kitchen since the day it was installed. We hope it is has exceeded your expectations in every way.

The ___________ is second to none in dependability. However, should you experience any problems, please remember call to schedule a service call right away.

Under the terms of your warranty, you are eligible for free maintenance of your ____________ dishwasher for the first year after purchase. Just call us at 123-1234 if the need arises.


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