Thank You Note Samples to Help Make Thank You Note Writing a Breeze!

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A thank you note sample may be just the thing to jump-start your own clever thinking when you want to compose a note of gratitude.

Maybe you traveled out of state for business and experienced superior customer service at the rental car counter.

Or your child’s crossing guard is always cheery at her station, despite the cold of winter or a spring rain.    

It is rewarding to mail a personal thank you to acquaintances or strangers when they least expect it.  Help yourself to any thank you note sample below—modify it to suit your situation, or read all the

Thank You Note Samples

To the owner of Ray’s Restaurant,

This is to thank the manager of your restaurant for allowing us to bring our Future Leader Dog puppy-in-training into your establishment yesterday. 

My husband and I were traveling to visit family in Ohio and stopped for dinner.  Your manager was very accommodating.  He seated us himself and spent a few moments learning about our volunteer position with Leader Dogs for the Blind.

It is because of people like him that we are able to give these special puppies the socialization they need.  Thank you so much for the assistance!  (And by the way, we enjoyed a delicious dinner—and our puppy behaved very well.)



Dear Serena,

Thank you very much for all you do watching after our children at the pool every Saturday.  Our three girls love their swim time and I always know they will be safe in your hands.

We all hope you will return next summer!  Thanks again!

Gratefully yours,


Dear Kent,

Thanks so much for the boxed set of home landscaping videos.  With Sandy and I having just bought our first home, they are just what we needed to give us some good ideas.

I’ll keep you posted on our future projects.

Thanks again!


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