Thank You Notes for Coworkers

Most people like to be appreciated at work. I know that I do!An easy way to build stronger relationships with colleagues is to regularly write thank you notes for coworkers.

 Let a colleague know you are grateful for her help on a project.  Drop a short note at the front desk telling the receptionist he is doing a great job representing the company.

Can you remember the last time your boss thanked you for putting together an excellent plan for your department?  You probably walked on air back to your desk with energy to spare for your next task.

Make it a habit to pen short thank you notes for coworkers and you might be surprised at the results.  Attitudes and efficiency improve, and an atmosphere of teamwork grows.  All from a simple, yet compelling, act—expressing appreciation!

Sample Notes

Dear Marty,

I noticed that you went out your way to help a customer yesterday. He left our store smiling, and I’m sure he’ll be back. With sales associates like you, our business is sure to grow.

Thank you for doing such a fine job!



Dear Ross,

You were generous to cover my calls this morning when I had to take my mother to the doctor. It’s nice to know I can depend on my coworkers to lend a hand when I need help. I hope you feel that you can do the same in return. Thank you again!



Dear Ms. Rhiney,

I think we were all impressed with your presentation Friday. You certainly had everyone’s attention. Your material was informative and compelling. Thank you for doing such a great job getting everyone on board. Now, let’s go get this project rolling!



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