Words to Say Thank You

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Choose words to say thank you that relate to the spirit of the gift or gift giver.

For example, a thank you note for luxurious matching sheets and pillows from a close friend might say something like "We are rapturous over your gift of bedding (and can't wait to try them out!)"

A formal thank you note for a wedding gift can still articulate appreciation in light of the gift that was given.

Get creative! A well-written thank you note can bring a smile to the giver’s face in more ways than one.

Sample Words to Say Thank You

I was overjoyed by…

Your thoughtfulness put me on cloud nine!

I was delirious over…

I am thrilled…

Your funny gift tickled me.

We were stunned by….

Joey is captivated by your gift.

Sample Thank You Note

Dear Paul and Cynthia:

We were thriilled to have you both at the wedding. Having friends like you to share life's most memorable moments is such a great blessing.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous silver-gray satin sheets you gave us. Now I've got the perfect excuse to buy a new comforter set for our bedroom. Ah, the joys of setting up the nest!

Seriously, we are truly grateful for your your friendship, and your luxurious gift.

With Love,

Jim and Marie

For more personal note samples, please see our sample thank you note wording page. Or click the following link to go to the thank you note examples and tips home page.

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