A Little About Me…And Why I Built This Site.

Hi, my name is Julie, and I'm so glad that you stopped by my site today!

One of the reasons that I decided to build this site is because I've learned a few things about the power of gratitude.

I've discovered that it can transform us from the inside out, and very positively impact our relationships with others.

Why I'm Thankful

I am truly grateful for every relationship that I’ve had in my life.

Some of my relationships have forced me to grow in ways that I never would have otherwise.

Some have been difficult. Others have been a pure joy. Most have been somewhere in between...

A Real Key to Better Relationships

The key to successful relationships for me has been cultivating the proper attitude, which I call “the gratitude attitude”.

When I experience friction in a relationship, I have found that focusing on what I appreciate most about that person changes how I see, and relate to him or her.

And as I relate more positively to that person, he or she tends to relate more positively to me. It amazes me how well this works.

That’s what I hope to share with you through this site.

The Point Is…

Every relationship that is nurtured with gratitude and respect will grow stronger. And one of the simplest ways to express your gratitude is by giving someone a handwritten note, with a personal message of thanks.

In fact, sending a well-written thank you note or two can pay hefty dividends in a personal or professional relationship.

Friends and family members will love reading, “Thanks so much for the great gift. You’re awesome!”

And customers will appreciate a sincere note of thanks for their continued patronage.

An Online Reference Tool Built with You in Mind

You may feel that ‘writing isn’t your thing’, or that 'you’re too busy to write thank you notes’. But you needn't let that stop you from taking advantage of this relationship-building practice.

That’s why this site is here for you. Use it. It’s a resource made to aid you in expressing your gratitude to friends, family, colleagues and clients.

Be blessed, and check back often for site updates!

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