Thank You E-cards for Quick and Easy Thank You Messages

Thank you e-cards are great for giving a quick thank you to a friend or family member.

Many can be personalized with your own added words of greeting.

And some sites will let you choose the date of delivery for your card.

I recommend that you send it the day before your

true due date, though, to make sure that the recipient receives it on time.

Free Thank You E-cards

The following sites each have a nice collection of cards.

There were a few other popular sites that I checked out, but I chose to omit them, because they attack your screen with pop-ups the moment you reach them.

I hate that. Don't you??


This site has a large selection of e-cards with a hip, upbeat design. There are even a few offered in non-english languages. Check them out at


This site offers customary thank you e-cards with animation and optional music. They have a decent-sized collection of other cards as well.

Check these cards out at


If silly cards are your thing, you may like this e-card site. See these e-cards at

Thank You E-cards Through Card Memberships

These sites offer a limited amount of free e-cards, but the best of them are offered through a paid annual membership.

I've only included those with sane membership prices and high quality e-cards.

Some of these card sites also offer some other freebies, like cool wallpapers and screensavers.

Jupiter Greetings

These e-cards are very beautifully designed.

Note: Their free collection leaves much to be desired, in my opinion.

Jupiter is the best deal of the three, however. Their memberships are just $9.95 per year.

Visit Jupiter here:

American Greetings

Of course, you'll find very nice cards, here, both paper and electronic.

The membership price--which is not easily found on the site--at the time of this writing, is $13.99 per year.

This is a pet peeve of mine. I dislike having to go on a treasure hunt at a web site, to find out what their service or product prices are. You can take a look at their collection at

Blue Mountain Arts

These guys don't actually list their membership price on their site.

I called them and told them that they definitely should do this, as it inspires greater consumer confidence.

However, the customer service operator was very courteous, and promptly disclosed that Blue Mountain Arts e-card memberships go for about $13.99 a year.

I thought it a fairly reasonable price.

Visit them at for more information.

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