Thank You for Interview Letter Samples

After interviewing with a prospective employer, instead of waiting for a call back, sit down and write a thank you for interview letter. This letter can be hand-written, typed, or even enclosed in a card. Ideally your thank you should be mailed. In rare circumstances an email can be appropriate, especially if the interviewer is under a short dead line.

Consider the customs of the company to which you’ve applied. If this is a high-tech business, perhaps an email is your best choice. If it is a small mom-and-pop family business, a personal note might leave a better impression than a polished letter.

The important thing is to send your thank you for interview letter as soon as possible. Here are some sample letters to help get your started.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams:

Thank you for letting me talk to you about the mechanic’s position while you continued to take care of your customers. The sunny day sure brought them in—it seemed like everyone wanted to buy a bicycle yesterday!

I like the fast-pace and fun-filled atmosphere at your store. I think that my experience repairing bikes for Adventure Cycling (and my love for cycling) makes me a good choice for head mechanic.

Now that spring is here, you’ll need someone who can step right in. I’m available to start immediately. Thanks again for your time!



Dear Ms. Burton:

I’d like to express my gratitude for speaking with me this morning about the staff reporter position at M&N Newspapers. I know that time is precious when there are deadlines to meet!

I learned about deadlines when I served as editor of my college newspaper. Not only did I write the weekly editorial, I was responsible for the timely input of all staff reporters. My passion for journalism and practical experience in newspaper production should make me worth your consideration.

I am anxious to start my career with your paper. I will follow up with a call next week. In the meantime, if you have any more questions please call my cell at 555-3029.


After securing a great position, you’ll find thank you note samples for new employers on our employment thank you letters page.

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