Business Thank You Note Examples

There are many situations when a business thank you note is appropriate to send.

Some are obvious: thank a customer for his or her business or a referral; thank a supplier for prompt delivery of a crucial product; thank an employee for outstanding service.

Other circumstances might not be so evident.

What about sending a letter to a not-so-happy customer who has taken the time to complain?

Thank that person for pointing out an opportunity for improvement and tell them what you are going to do about it. Make the change and watch what happens!

If your quote for business was rejected, send a thank you. Express appreciation for their consideration, and keep the door open for future dealings. After all, good business is about establishing and maintaining excellent relationships. A business thank you note can be a great way to enhance relations.

Business Thank You Notes

Dear Mr. Depage:

I am sorry that you are not satisfied with how long it will take for us to get to your repair. The summer season is always difficult to manage. Try as we might to get them to, most people don’t think about having their air-conditioners checked before the hot weather hits.

I met with our service department at the end of the day today to discuss resolutions to this problem. Our manager suggested that we reserve one or two appointment blocks each day for “emergencies” to accommodate situations such as your own. To get this plan in motion right away, our technicians agreed to work extra hours until we can get the currently scheduled appointments caught up.

In the meantime, I will have our service department call you tomorrow to reschedule your appointment for an earlier date.

Thank you for initiating this opportunity to improve our business.



Dear Ms. Narwath:

I appreciate the recent opportunity to provide a quote for the catering of your son’s wedding. I hope his special day comes off without a hitch.

If you ever require a caterer for another event, or know someone else who is, I hope you will consider giving Paula’s Crafty Cuisine another look. We strive to continually enhance our menu and services.

Best wishes,

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