Sample Thank You Notes for Various Occasions

Try these sample

thank you notes for friends and acquaintances.

Use them to spark your own creativity; then modify them as necessary.

Sample Thank You Notes

Sample Thank You Note

for Dinner

Dear Sophie and Paul:

Dinner was absolutely fantastic. Alan and I truly enjoyed it.

Every bite was scrumptious, from the tender and delicious filet mignon, to that luscious pecan caramel cheesecake that melted in our mouths.

Honestly Sophie, you outdid yourself!

And Paul, you are quite the cornhole pro. Alan is demanding a rematch.

We had a marvelous time with the two of you, as usual. Let's do it again soon--next time at our place.

Thanks again, for a wonderful evening.

Leslie and Alan


Sample Thank You Note for a Coworker


I know that you missed your sister Rita’s birthday dinner last Friday so you could double-check the Williamson proposal figures while I was in Boston.

Thanks to you, the proposal was ready for this morning’s meeting; which was, I might add, a huge success.

I truly appreciate your stepping up for me when I got stranded at the airport. It’s good to have people like you on the team.

Please accept this gift certificate for dinner at TRU. I remember how much you enjoy French food.

I thought you might like to take Rita out for a belated birthday celebration. Just call a week or so ahead to reserve a table.

Thanks again, for all of your help.

Warm regards,

More Sample Thank You Notes

Sample Thank You Note for

a Volunteer

Dear Ms. Thompson:

You've not only been Michelle's favorite "Big Sister" of all time, you're the main reason that she's decided to pursue her dream of becoming an attorney.

Your encouragement and advice have greatly helped to bolster her confidence.

Thank you for caring so much. It is dedicated mentors like you who help us to make a difference in young lives.

Great job!

Ericka Maxwell


Sample Thank You Note for a Favor


You’re were a darling to run my errands for me last Friday.

I needed that extra day to recuperate from the flu.

Life is so much easier with great friends like you!

Thanks again, for your very thoughtful help.


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