Writing Thank You Cards More Effectively

Saying Thanks With Ease

Our sometimes impersonal "electronic society" could benefit by the revival of the “lost art” of writing thank you cards.

Taking a few minutes to let a friend, business associate or family member know that you are grateful for a favor, gift or a job well done can do wonders for the relationship.

Once you actually sit down to do it, I guarantee that jotting down that sincere word of thanks will make you feel good as well.

Don't worry. You don’t need to be a famous writer to pen a heartfelt note, just follow these five steps:

    GREETING - It might seem obvious, but opening a thank you with the person’s name immediately draws attention.

    GRATITUDE - Get right to the meat of it. Don’t waste words. Thank the person for the gift, the favor, their time, whatever. Be specific, although you might not want to mention the amount of a cash gift.

    GIFT USE - Write a short line about how you will use the gift, or how the favor helped you.

    GRATITUDE, AGAIN - Keep it simple, but repeat it.

    GOOD-BY - Close with whatever sentiment works.

A hand-written note on a small card is the best when writing thank you cards. Use a store-bought card that is blank inside, or make your own!

Thank You Notes

Dear Sally,

I appreciate the clothes you brought over for the girls. They had so much fun going through them and trying everything on! Once we get things sorted out I’m guessing I won’t have to pick up much before school starts.

Thank you. (Sigh!)

Love and hugs, Annette


Dear Dad,

Thank you for your generous gift. Now I can get my car fixed and not have to worry about getting to work!

Thanks again for your help!

Love, Steve

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