Post-Interview Thank You Note Samples for Potential Employers

Did you know that a post-interview thank you note can give you an edge

over competing job-seekers?

It can. And here's how:

It will remind the interviewer of two important things:

Your sincere interest in the position

Your related skills and qualifications

You should also

send a post-interview thank you note when

you've decided to decline an offer. If you ever interview with the same employer again for a different position, you'll be glad you did!

Feel free to modify

any post-interview thank you note below to suit your needs.

Happy Interviewing!

Post-Interview Thank You Note Samples:

Dear Ms. Ramierez:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I truly appreciate your meeting with me this afternoon. I am sure that your responsibilities as executive editor keep you quite busy!

Based upon your current needs, as outlined in our talk, I am certain that my prior editing experience, attention to detail and keen interest in fashion make me a strong candidate for the position of copy editor at Chic Style Magazine.

You are to be commended for having assembled such a talented editorial staff. It would be my pleasure to join your team.

I hope that you won't mind a follow-up call within a week or so.



Dear Mr. Thornton:

I wanted to follow up and let you know that I truly appreciate your meeting with me today.

Johnson Aircraft is an innovative company.

It would be an honor to work with your team, and contribute to the development of cutting edge aerospace technology.

In fact, I have some ideas for the current project that your team is working on, and I'd love to run them by you at your earliest convenience.

Again, thank you for meeting with me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Post-Interview Thank You Note Samples

for Headhunters:

This kind of post-interview note is often neglected.

Most efforts are spent on wooing the potential employer.

Never forget, however, that recruiters often have a number of great contacts. He or she can steer you to opportunities that you never knew existed.

When a recruiter does take a chance on you and recommends you to one of his or her coveted contacts, count yourself blessed. And acknowledge his or her kindness and hard work by sending a great thank you note.


Dear Ms. Bickham:

You have truly outdone yourself this time! Silar, Webb and Associates is a great law firm, and I thank you for the referral.

The first interview went well. I should be hearing from them soon regarding a second interview with one of the partners. I know that you worked hard to make this happen, and I really appreciate it.

Thanks again, for such a wonderful opportunity.



Dear Mr. Walsh:

Congratulations on a job well done! You have set me up with yet another enviable opportunity. Your commitment and professionalism are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all of your hard work.


Please see this post-interview thank you notes page for notes to use when you don't get the job, or when you choose to decline an employment offer.

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