More Thank You for Interview Letter Examples

Interviewing others in a field that you're interested in is a great idea. Don’t forget to send a thank you for interview note afterwards, though.

Let the person know how much you appreciate the time they spent with you. Comment on how she has helped you gain a first-hand look at the realities of the job. Remind her of your own plans, and don’t be shy about asking for further recommendations.

For ideas about wording this type of thank you for interview letter, take a look at the sample notes below. Feel free to revise them as needed.

Dear Ms. Bartiglio:

I truly appreciate your generosity in allowing me to “shadow” you this afternoon in your gallery. I can see that the transition from artist to business owner can be challenging!

As you know, I’ve been doing art-tiles now for 15 years. I believe there is a growing market for this form of art, but opening my own gallery is a huge step. Your advice about location and marketing is invaluable. Thank you so much!

I will keep you posted as my plans progress. I hope you will keep me in mind if you ever come across a new tile-artist whose work might not fit in your gallery.



Dear Mr. Martinez:

It was an honor spending some time with you yesterday. You were gracious in answering all my questions about your responsibilities as corporate attorney with Mexican Airlines.

While I am excited to be accepted into law school, my direction in law is unclear. Your straightforward description of your position will undoubtedly assist in my decision.

If you have further recommendations for me, please drop me an email at, or call my cell at 555-1937.


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