Thank You Templates to Make Thank You Note Writing Easier

Check Out Our Thank You Note Templates.

Are you looking for thank you note templates to help you write a personal thank you note?

Look no further. We have templates you can copy, paste, and fill in the blanks!

Our thank you notes are sincere, but conciset.

This isn’t the place to fill up space with other things going on in your life.

Both templates for the thank you notes below

follow this outline:

  • Greeting. (Fill in the name of your friend or relative.)
  • Thanks for their thoughtfulness. (Specify the item or act of kindness.)
  • Additional details about the gift or favor. (Add a little something about how you will enjoy their gift, or how their support made things easier for you.)
  • Thanks repeated.
  • Close. (Always sign your name!)
See how easy it is? Now, don’t delay—mail your thank you right away!

Thank You Letter Templates

Thanks for a gift of clothing

Dear ____________,

I appreciate you thinking of me. I just love the ______________________________. I can’t wait to wear it to ___________________. (Or: It will look great with my ____________.) Thanks so much!

Gratefully Yours,


Thanks for a favor

Dear _________________,

Words cannot fully express how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you for ___________________________________. Without your help I would have been up the proverbial creek! I am forever grateful.

With many thanks,

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