Personal Thank You Letter Sample

Welcome to our Personal Thank You Letter Samples page! Here, you’ll find letters that you can use for relatives and personal friends.

There are thank you note examples for gifts and favors.

We all enjoy receiving gifts from those closest to us.

And when someone takes the time out of a busy day to do us a favor, we feel loved and appreciated.

It is not always easy to put those feelings into words, however. That’s why having a resource of thank you note samples for various occasions can be so helpful.

So, if you don’t find what you need here, be sure to check out some of our other pages for personal notes.

Personal Thank You Letter Sample for a Gift

I can’t tell you how excited my twelve year old was when she found out that you’d given us tickets for Saturday’s hockey game. The seats were great. We were so close to the action—right behind the team! My daughter was thrilled to see her favorite player up close.

Thank you for such a generous gift. I know that Michelle will remember this birthday celebration for a long time. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

With warm thanks,

Personal Thank You Letter Sample for a Favor

Dear ________________:

I really appreciate your taking care of my cat Coco while we were away last weekend. It’s wonderful to have good friends like you, who are always willing to pitch in when you’re needed.

Knowing that Coco was in such good hands was a great relief! Thanks again, for all of your help.

I look forward to returning the favor.


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