Sample Thank You Note Wording Templates

Our Sample Thank You Note Wording Templates will kick-start your inner muse, and take the hassle out of writing notes of thanks

and appreciation.

So if you want to painlessly add fun and flair to your thank you notes, read on. You'll find plenty of examples here.

You'll also get plenty of practical advice that will have you writing better thank you notes in a lot less time.

Ready for a few thank you note wording tips and tricks? Good. Let's get started!

Thank You Note Wording Hints:

Monetary gifts can be tricky. Some etiquette gurus feel that mentioning the amount of money in a thank you note is the social equivalent of burping directly into the face of your dining partner.

Others think that it's good to do so, as it makes your thank you message more specific; as when you would say "Thank you Nora, for the lovely red angora sweater."

In most cases, it's probably best to not mention the amount of money specifically. Doing so could make the giver of the gift uncomfortable. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sample Thank You Note Wording Templates:

For a Monetary Gift...

Dear/Dearest _______________:

How generous of you to send me a check for my (name occasion of celebration). Although I missed your being there, I know that your (love/kind thoughts) and well wishes were with me.

Please know that I truly appreciate your gift and I plan to use it to (briefly state how you will use the funds).

Let's get together soon to celebrate. Thanks, again for your very thoughtful gift.

With warmest regards/Sincerely yours/With all my love,


Sample Thank You Note Wording - General - for a Gift...

Dear/Dearest ______________:

When your gift arrived I was (stunned/blown away). You should have seen my face! The (lovely, gorgeous, very chic, mega-cool, luxurious, awesome) (name gift) (was/were) a welcome surprise!

How can I ever thank you for thinking of me in such a personal and thoughtful way? I will never forget your very kind and meaningful gift.



For a Birthday Gift...

Dear _______________________:

How thoughtful for you to think of me on my birthday! I truly appreciate the (name gift), and want you to know that every time that I (use it, wear it, see it) I’ll think of you.

Thanks so much for your kind gift. I hope to see you again very soon.



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