Business Thank You Notes for Retiring Colleagues or Employees

The following business thank you notes can be used to honor retiring employees or coworkers.

Use them as is, 

or adapt them to your specific needs in the workplace.

Happy writing!

Dear __________________:

Congratulations on your retirement!

Over the last 24 years you have been a tremendous asset to this company. Our customers were always in good hands with you. You were always patient, and sensitive to their needs.

We knew that you could be trusted to pitch in and help with additional assignments when needed. Your loyalty to our company has been proven again and again.

Now, a new phase of your life is beginning. It is an opportunity to travel more extensively, as you've desired. I hope that you also take the time to write that book that you have been talking about for the last five years. Your prudent planning will certainly afford you these and many more exciting opportunities.

We wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement. You will be greatly missed.



More Business Thank You Notes

Dear __________________:

Has it really been 29 years? Working with you has certainly been a pleasure. Congratulations on your richly deserved and long-awaited retirement.

Your career has been a model to follow. I can't count the times I have come into your office this year alone to ask for advice. Our department would not be the success it is today, if it were not for the hard work and dedication of people like you.

May you retire knowing that you have made a remarkable contribution to the lives of your colleagues. We will be sad to see you leave.

Best wishes,


Dear __________________:

Thirty years is a very long time. You’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to enjoy that wonderful retirement you’ve planned. Congratulations!

Many of us have watched you over the years. I don’t mind telling you that I’ve always found your determination and focus to be inspiring. You have continually managed to succeed where others have failed--under difficult time and budget constraints, in poor working conditions, you name it.

It has been my honor to have worked with you for 24 of the last 30 years. Your commitment to excellence has left a lasting mark on each of us. Thank you for touching our lives in such a positive and meaningful way. You will be greatly missed.

Best wishes,

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