Free Thank You Letter Samples for Faster Note Writing

Do you dread writing thank you notes? They can be a chore to write.

However, you needn't shy away from the task.

Our free thank you letter samples page has several personal notes for your use.

You'll gain many insightful tips to keep in mind as you write your own.

They'll help you get rid of "notewriter's block" in short order. Simply tailor them to your own specific needs and presto, you're done!

And, if you don't find what you need here, check out the following page for additional sample thank you notes.

For your business clients, try our business thank you notes page .

Free Thank You Letter Samples for Gifts

Dear Mike:

When I opened my mailbox and saw the gourmet white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, I was thrilled. How did you remember that they were my very favorite cookies?

What an delectable treat! They were absolutely delicious. Thank you for such a sweet gift--no pun intended.

You’re a great friend!

Yours truly,


Dear Steve:

The gift you selected for our housewarming is perfect! How did you know that we adore Victorian ceramic art? I want you to know that we will always treasure it.

It's a great pleasure to be thought of in such a meaningful way. You are truly a good friend.

Thank you for helping us to make a house a home.



Sample Thank You Note for Hospitality

Dear Stan and Joan:

Dinner was absolutely marvelous. Peter and I truly enjoyed it.

Every bite was delicious, from the tender grilled lamb chops, to that luscious white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake that melted in our mouths.

And Stan, you are quite the table tennis pro. Peter demands a chance to even the score.

As usual, we enjoyed ourselves immensley. Let's get together again soon. Next time, we'll do the cooking.

Thanks again, for a wonderful evening.


For more personal notes, see our personal thank you letter sample page.

If you need thank you notes for customers, check out our customer appreciation notes and customer thank you notes pages.

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