Donation Thank You Letter Samples

A donation thank you letter is expected when a contribution is made to a non-profit organization.

This thank you letter from a non-profit can function as a tax-receipt to the donor, but more importantly, it fosters a relationship that may encourage future donations.

There are other times when a donation thank you letter is appropriate to send.

Have you ever solicited donations so you could participate in a foot race or bicycle ride? Send a personal thank you note to your donors.

Maybe you’ve helped organize a Red Cross Blood Drive in your school. Remember to thank your fellow volunteers for making it happen. Has your social club held a fund-raising community raffle? Be sure to send a note to the vendors that contributed prizes.

To help you write your thank you letter, here are some examples. Take any idea to use as your own!

Thank You Notes


Dear Alicia:

I am very grateful for your generous donation of $50 in support of my team, “Sue’s Steppers.” Together, the “Steppers” raised over $1000 for the American Lung Association (ALA) at this year’s Stair Climb. Thanks to people like you, the ALA is able to make a difference in improving our air quality.

All “Stepper’s” made it to the top, and have already signed up to do it again next year! Perhaps you’ll consider joining us? (Hint, hint!)

Thanks again!



Dear Tom and Katie:

Thank you for donating your time at check-in last Saturday. Without volunteers like you, our first Bike-A-Thon would never have gotten off the ground. As you know, we had more “walk-ins” than we anticipated--looks like we’ll have to order more t-shirts for next year!

If you have any suggestions on ways to streamline our check-in process, please let me know. We are having a post-event meeting next week (of course, you are welcome to attend), and I will submit your ideas.

We are encouraged by this year’s attendance and hope to increase participation for next year. Can we count on your help again?

Thanks ever so much,



Dear Mr. Brandt:

Our Lion’s Club appreciates the support your restaurant has shown our group over the years. Your donation this year of a pair of dinner gift certificates (worth $100 each) for our spring raffle was very generous.

Our raffles raised over $2500, all of which will go directly to assist low-income children get eye-exams.

The Lion’s Club will send you a tax acknowledgement letter at the end of the year, unless you require one before hand. Contact Mary Rearson, our club treasurer, and she will take care of it for you.

Thanks again,

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