Customer Thank You Letters for Better Business Relationships

A simple way to make your small business notable is to send customer thank you letters.

Recognizing clients in this personal manner will keep them coming back and foster referrals.

Sending a thank-you doesn’t have to entail a lot of extra effort.

Buy pre-stamped postcards from the USPS (United States Postal Service) web site (or use an on-line direct-mail service recommended by the U.S. Postal Service to customize your cards).

As you close up shop at the end of the day, take a few moments to review sales (or appointments), hand-write a short note to the top three, and put the cards in the mail in the morning.

The criteria for those you choose can vary from the top sales of the day, first-time visitors, or a regular who brought in a friend.

Or, sponsor a bonus contest with your employees for penning customer thank you letters.

Each note they write wins them a chance for a weekly or monthly prize—lunch on you, and extra hour off at the end of the day—whatever you decide.

Everyone seems to be using email these days.

Make your business stand out—send a postcard thank-you through the mail—and watch your customer base grow!

Thank You Notes

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mackerae:

Don and I were happy to meet your dog, Barney, today. He is adorable! Thank you for coming in to tour our boarding facility. I know we will enjoy having Barney with us while you attend your niece’s wedding next week.

See you then!

Don and Karen
Owners, “Pet Palace”


Dear Ms. Bonwa:

Thanks for choosing All Things Two Wheeled as your new bike shop. We hope you enjoy your new bicycle. Remember that you have a free tune-up once you’ve ridden it enough to stretch the cables. If you’re looking for places to ride, check out our resource center on our webpage:

Thanks for your business!


Dear Mr. Garner:

We appreciate that you sent your neighbor, Mr. Parker, to YARDMAN for our landscaping services. We promise to do a great job. Refer two more clients and we’ll clean your gutters for free!

Thanks for being our loyal customer!

Want more business thank you letters? If so, check out our customer appreciation notes page.

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