Thank You Letter Examples for Business Professionals

The modest effort of sending a thank you goes a long way in building positive relationships.

A satisfied customer who receives a thank you letter will remember you long after the sale is done, and likely become a loyal patron.

An employee who finds a note of thanks on his or her desk for a job well done will stay motivated and reliable.

As you can see, a sincere “thank you” creates a win-win situation.

And using our thank you letter examples to guide you makes writing your thank you note easy to do!

Thank You Notes

Dear Mr. Garner:

Thank you for choosing your company’s new delivery truck from Royal Motors. It was my pleasure to assist you. I am confident that you will be satisfied not only with the truck, but with our service department in maintaining it.

The truck will be detailed and ready for you to pick up this Friday. As I mentioned, we recommend Miles Graphics for your company logo and signage. We’ve worked with them many times and they always do a professional job. Their number is 555-3252. Tell them Royal Motors sent you!

If you have any questions, please call me at 555-3234.



Dear Ricardo:

Your well-prepared presentation at yesterday’s board meeting was impressive. You answered all questions in a professional manner that brought everyone on board with your plan. Congratulations!

Keep me posted and let me know what I can do to assist you with implementation.

Thank you for a job well-done!



Dear Ms. Easton:

Thank you for taking time with me yesterday to go over your internet-marketing proposal. You are well versed in this technology and I learned a lot. Thanks for your patience!

Your plan covers all of our requirements; and your explanation of everything gives me what I need to present to our sales and marketing committee.

I meet with the committee next week, so expect to hear from me by the 15th.


For additional notes you can use in your business, please see our business thank you notes page.

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