Interview Thank You Letter Samples for Prospective Employers

One of the most important things to convey in interview thank you letters is specifically how your unique skill-set will meet employers’ immediate hiring needs.

While respect for the company and a sincere interest in the job are important, they don’t translate into strong benefits for employers.

Quite frankly, hiring managers are not interested in you at all; at least, not initially. They don’t care about your career goals, your mortgage or your kid’s college fund. They are interested in candidates who can meet their needs.

If you fail to convince prospective employers that hiring you will solve a problem for them, you’re not likely to be offered a position.

Keeping these things in mind while writing your interview thank you letter will help you to sell yourself as a top candidate for the position you seek. The following sample letters will help get you started.

Happy job-hunting!

Interview Thank You Letter Samples

Dear _____________________:

It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday regarding the possibility of joining your firm as a paralegal. My five years as a legal assistant for Branson, Mayer and Associates, and my education in paralegal studies have prepared me for the rigorous and interesting work for which your law firm has developed a solid reputation.

It would be a gratifying experience to work with your legal team. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Dear _____________________:

It was a pleasure to interview with you last Thursday to discuss your current need for a manager in your electronics department. After meeting with you and briefly with several of your staff, your commitment to honest and friendly service was evident. I believe that in today's competitive retail market, it is consistent and excellent service that keeps customers coming back.

I developed the same conviction during the three years that I worked as an assistant manager at Best Buy. During this time, I worked directly with senior management and 12 staff members to decrease the amount of product returns in my department by 45%, and consumer complaints by 53%.

If given the opportunity, I assure you that I will uphold the reputation of your company for friendly, efficient service.

Thank you again. I look forward to hearing from you.



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