Thank You Templates to Make Thank You Note Writing a Snap!

Our thank you templates illustrate common elements found in any personal thank you note.

Each include a greeting, such as, "Dear or Dearest _______", to the person you are thanking, followed by a statement of appreciation for the gift, favor, invitation, etc.

Next we include an explanation of how the gift will be used, how the favor helped or how much the business or social event was enjoyed.

Finally, these thank you note templates include a second thank you, followed by an appropriate closing, such as "Sincerely", "Many Thanks", etc.

Of course, never forget to sign your name after the closing!

Unfortunately, many think that saying “Thank You” right when we are handed a gift is thanks enough.

However, when we take the time to mail a thank you for that thoughtful gift, we make the giver of the gift feel as special as we did when we received it!

We might also consider sending a thank you for a favor, a kind act, or a job well done.

Wouldn’t our world be better if we took time to write a thank you note to the clerk at the hardware store who helped us find just what we needed to fix the sink—and saved us money on a plumber?

It is always a good thing to acknowledge the effort of someone this way, especially if she went out of her way.

It is usually not appropriate to mention the amount of a cash gift. Simply thank him or her for being so generous, and include a statement or two as to how you intend to use the funds.

Use our thank you templates to guide you as you compose a thank you note, or simply copy and paste a template to use as your own. Just remember to replace the “[blanks]” with your personal details!

Thank You Templates

Dear [ name ],

I want you to know how much I appreciate your generous gift. Because of you I will be able to [ buy my college books, pay the rent, do something special just for fun, get that new book I’ve been wanting, etc ].

Thanks again for thinking of me!

[Affectionately, Fondly, Much love, Take care, Warm regards….] [your signature]


Dear [ name ],

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me the [ book (name the title), article of clothing, gift card, flowers, etc ]. You always make me feel so special. I can’t wait to [read it, wear, go shopping, show my kids, etc ].

Thank you so very much!

[Yours truly, With love, With many thanks, Kind regards….] [your signature]

More samples of thank you notes

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