Thank You Rewards and Gift Ideas

When a card just isn’t enough, consider giving thank you rewards to friends or business associates who have done something unexpected for you.

Perhaps a friend at work offered to take care of your cat for the weekend so you could travel out of town for your cousin’s wedding. Maybe your sister gave you a hug precisely when you needed it, without saying a thing.

When individuals in your life go out of their way to show they care, taking a few extra minutes to hand make a thank you gift lets them know they are appreciated. A homemade gift doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive either.

Why not attach a few heartfelt sentiments to a simple memento that reminds the person of some time you’ve spent together?

You could assemble a collage of photographs of the two of you, mix up a batch of homemade cookies and deliver them in a decorative tin.

Keep reading to get more ideas for thank you rewards.
Have fun spreading joy!

Thank You Rewards

  • Select a special coffee mug from your cupboard (you probably have extras!) and put some tea bags in it with a note that says, “Thanks for all the times we sat and enjoyed a cup of tea together.”

  • Or, if your coworker prefers coffee, fill the mug with chocolate-covered coffee beans with a note that says, “Working with you is like having extra caffeine in the morning!”

  • Everyone loves to look at old pictures. Make a scrapbook of photographs of you and your sibling that you’ve collected over the years.

    • Write short memories about the person on slips of paper, roll them up and secure with ribbon. Put them in an ornamental jar with a label that says, “Memory Jar.”

    • Put together a favorite music “list” and burn a CD with a cover that says “When I Think of You,” or “Music to Relax By,” or “Let’s Work Out Together!”

    • Make a “coupon book” out of voided checks, payable to the recipient, but instead of a dollar amount, write in special services. “This check is good for: one back massage, or one night of babysitting, or one car wash, or one lunch date, etc.”

    • Fill a pretty glass jar with Hershey’s kisses and a note that says, “Hugs and kisses for all of your help.”

    • Attach a note to a tin can filled with gourmet caramel and/or chocolate popcorn that says, “Life is so much sweeter with friends like you! Thanks so much.”

    • Or, if your friend is silly, fill a jar with pistachios with a note that says, “Life would be nuts without you around!”

    Check out the following page for thank you note samples to go with that great thank you gift.

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