Thank You Interview Letters to Aid in Your Job Search

Thank you interview letters are an excellent way to keep professional doors open.

You’ve already aced the interview and learned more about the position.

Now is the time to keep your name ahead of the competition.

Thank the interviewer for his or her consideration and state why you are the best candidate for the job.

If a specific problem within the company was brought up during your interview, point out a solution. Better yet, offer an example of how you dealt with a similar situation in the past.

Bear in mind the company’s goals, and present an idea that promotes their goals. Employers look for self-starters and problem solvers who will align their efforts with the company’s objectives.

A thoughtful thank you interview letter, sent immediately after an interview, will demonstrate these qualities to a potential employer.

Thank You Interview Letters

Dear Mr. Watkins:

Thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to interview me yesterday for the position of Delivery Manager. My experience delivering pizzas while I was in college has given me an excellent knowledge of traffic patterns within the metropolitan area.

Based on our discussion, I can see that timely flower deliveries are crucial to the continued success of Watkin’s Flower Shop. You might want to look into the “Streets and Fleets” software program I brought on-line at Dan’s Pizza’s my last summer there. We lowered our delivery times by 20% in the first three months.

I appreciate being considered for this position. If you have additional questions, please call 555-2347. I can start immediately.



Dear Mrs. Thomas:

I enjoyed learning more about your Invisible Fence business this morning, and appreciate the time you spent interviewing me for the Field Sales position. As you can tell, with my three dogs at home, I am a real dog-lover and am eager to be part of your effort to keep pets “safe-at-home.”

I know I have much to learn about your product, but I’m confident I can get up to speed quickly. I know I can sell. As I mentioned in my interview, I was the top salesperson at my brother’s pool store last summer.

Many of my leads came from working the Home Shows—you might want to consider participating in these events before the season hits. I could assist you with this, both with my connections with the event organizers, and the actual manning of your booth. Perhaps I could train other members of your staff on how to effectively solicit leads during the Show.

Thank you again for considering me for this position. I believe I can contribute to your goal of increased sales.


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Additionally, the following employment thank you note samples can be used after you land the job.

Happy job-hunting!

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