Thank You Note Examples for Suggestions

Have you received an especially helpful suggestion from an employee or customer?

If so, you may want to acknowledge that person with a thank you note.

Doing so will not only communicate your appreciation, but will also open the door for more input in the future.

Any business that is serious about building long-term relationships with customers, needs to have a feedback system in place.

And certainly employees will be more apt to share their ideas if they feel that management will be receptive to them.

For tips on structure and content for these kinds of notes, please see the thank you note examples below.

Thank You Note Examples

for Customer Suggestions

Dear ______________________:

Our sales management team was really excited about your idea for customer service aides. Having employees on the sales floor as a first-level resource for those needing help with the basics of home improvement planning is a good idea.

Each customer aide will be trained to greet customers as they come into our stores, review their home improvement needs and assign them to an appropriate salesperson who has specialized knowledge in that area. This will help us to serve our customers in a more efficient manner.

I are certain that our customers will benefit from this added service. That's why I plan to begin implementing your idea next month in our stores.

We will always be grateful to customers like you who help us to improve our level of service. You are a vital part of our continued growth and success.


Dear ______________________:

We appreciate your suggestion that we provide nonsmoking floors in our hotels. In the past, we have offered both smoking and nonsmoking rooms and suites on each floor of our hotels.

However, this approach never solved the problem of keeping common areas such as vending, and seating areas smoke free. Your suggestion is a timely one.

Since the health and comfort of our guests remains our primary concern, our management has given your suggestion serious consideration. You'll be glad to know that we have decided to implement smoke-free zones in all of our hotels.

Thank you for your insightful comments. We look forward to having you stay with us again soon.

Thank You Note Examples

for Employee Suggestions

Dear ______________________:

From time to time, a particularly interesting idea that will also cut costs finds its way to my desk. On such occasions I am always grateful; as when I came across your suggestion for providing demonstrations in the produce department of our stores.

Your idea that showing customers:

  • How to choose fruits and vegetables
  • How best to store them to retain freshness longer
  • How to prepare them in simple but delicious recipes
will indeed reduce store losses and increase customer satisfaction. That's why our management has decided to implement your idea immediately, by offering our customers weekly demonstrations in the produce department of each of our stores. Our weekly circulars will provide customers with details on what kind of demonstration will be held in their local stores.

Thanks for the great suggestion! We always appreciate the input of dedicated employees such as yourself.


Dear ______________________:

My office is interested in every suggestion that our employees care to offer. We thoughtfully consider each one, and make the best ideas, like yours, part of how we do business.

Thank you for your recent suggestion to switch to an automated time clock system. Your proposal was discussed at our latest department meeting, and we've decided to have the new system implemented by the end of the month.

As you know, the errors resulting from manual entry of employee hours, vacation time pay, etc. can be costly. After thoughtful consideration of the alternatives, we are certain that such a system will save the company both time and money, despite the initial costs of the switchover.

Good work! The thoughtful contributions of employees like you help our company to continually grow and succeed.


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