Thank You Gift Ideas

Our thank you gift ideas are simple, creative and affordable for most. They don't require oodles of time to implement either. Shout amen, somebody!

Read on, for our best tips on drama-free gift-giving.

First, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when considering thank you gifts. Who is the gift for?

A thank you gift directed to a loved one may be more intimate than one targeting a pre-school-age child. And a teenager probably won’t value a thoughtful present meant for a senior citizen.

While you wouldn’t give a thank you gift in return for a gift, offering something in gratitude for a favor or other act of kindness is certainly appropriate.

Thank you gifts don’t have to be expensive; they can even be handmade. Reflect on the person you are thanking. What are their interests, goals, or hobbies? Select a gift that reminds you of them.

Consider what you are thanking them for, and choose a memento that illustrates how they’ve cared for you.

Below, you’ll find simple, yet heartfelt thank you gift ideas. Use your imagination, apply your particular circumstance, and have fun letting someone know how much you appreciate them!

Thank You Gift Ideas

  1. A desk-sized picture frame with a picture of you and your friend/relative, etc.
  2. Gift certificates to:
  • the movies for a movie lover, with a package of micro-wave popcorn.
  • your favorite restaurant (or theirs).
  • get a massage.
  • a book store for a book-lover.
  • ITunes for a music-lover.
  • a fast-food restaurant for a teenager or pre-teen.

More Thank You Gift Ideas

  • A t-shirt from the Humane Society for a pet-lover
  • A tin filled with homemade cookies, with the recipe card, or filled with any sweets!
  • A set of wine-stoppers for a wine-lover
  • A cross-stitch kit for a sewer with “Thank You” in several languages (Better yet, if you cross-stitch yourself, make one for them!)
  • A Norman Rockwell “Coming and Going” print to thank someone for their hospitality
  • A travel coffee mug from a local coffee shop, with a small bag of coffee beans, for the coffee-lover
  • Fancy ear muffs for someone who has lent their ear (or IPod ear-pods for those in non-northern climes), with a note that says, “Thanks for letting me bend your ear!”
  • Similarly, woolen mittens for someone who has lent a “hand”—or a small bottle of hand lotion!
  • A bicycle tire repair kit, for the bicycle enthusiast who helped you in a bind, with a note that says, “Thanks for keeping me aired!”
  • A decorative bottle filled with sand from the beach where you shared a vacation with a loved one
  • A lavender scented candle for someone who’s helped you relax, or maybe someone who needs to relax
  • A trio of small potted herbs for the cooking aficionado
  • A mouse pad imprinted with the photograph of…the person’s family, pet, an old picture of the two of you, etc (these can be made up almost anywhere these days, due to the joy of digital cameras!)

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