Thank You Examples for More Polished Thank You Notes

thank you examples for all kinds of circumstances and situations where written thanks are typically not expected.

Consider the impact that a short note of appreciation can have on an acquaintance in your life.

Did you ever send a note of appreciation to the waitress at your local diner, for no other reason except to recognize the care she’s shown you in serving you every Sunday morning?

What about writing a short letter to an inspiring speaker who has touched you in some way? Or to a nurse who made sure you were comfortable during a doctor’s visit?

Don’t wait until the school crossing guard retires to hand deliver a thank you for watching over neighborhood kids during the last thirty years. And don’t feel that you have to wait until the holidays to send a card to someone who services you.

With the following thank you examples as a guide, take a few moments right now to drop a heart-felt message in the mail to someone who might be surprised that you appreciate them enough to send a thank you. It will make their day.

Thank You Notes


Dear Dorothy:

We want to thank you for your great service every Sunday morning at Roy’s Diner. It’s always a joy to see your smiling face as you bring us our coffee, before we even ask! I know we get up early, but I can’t imagine what time you had to get up for work these recent snowy mornings. But thanks for making it in!




Dear Mr. Buchannan:

I hope that Leader Dogs for the Blind gets this letter to you. After your talk yesterday at Puppy Day I was so touched I wanted to shake your hand and personally thank you for sharing your story, but there was a long line of admirers waiting to do the same thing.

I am a fairly new volunteer with Leader Dogs, and while I intellectually understand that guide dogs enhance the lives of the blind and visually impaired, hearing your story has made it real. I never realized how challenging the simple act of finding a door could be, as you so succinctly described, a task most of us take for granted. And how simple it becomes with the assistance of a guide-dog.

I am proud to be associated with this organization. Thank you for making the effort to share your experiences. You are an engaging and sincere speaker.




Dear Mike:

Thank you so much for being here to take care of us. When our water heater broke recently, we couldn’t believe you had it replaced within two hours! Knowing you are always available to help sure keeps our minds at ease. You are one reason we love living here.

Thanks again!

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