Free Thank You Letter for
Job Hunters

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Maximize your job hunting effort by sending a thank you after every interview. Use our free thank you letter examples as guides to
help you with formatting and wording.

It’s a “no-brainer” to send a thank you to an interviewer for a job that you really want.

A follow up thank you will show initiative and sincerity, which might just put your name at the top of the list!

But if you decide after an interview that you aren’t interested in the job, send a note anyway. Briefly explain why the position isn’t a good fit for you.

Ask for a referral, or if there is another opening that would be a better match.

We have a free thank you letter that you can use for this situation too.

Stay on top of things. Mail or hand-deliver your thank you note within 24 hours of your interview. Best of luck with your job hunting!

Thank You Letter Examples

Dear Mr. Quigly,

Thank you for interviewing me for the position of scheduler. Quigly Enterprises has an intricate delivery system. I appreciate the extra time you took to explain a few things.

The software I used at my last job is very similar to what your group is currently using, so I believe I could get up to speed very quickly. When I learned that program, I was scheduling on my own within a week.

I appreciate that you are considering me for this job and am excited about working with your team. I am available to start training next week, if that fits into your plans.

Contact me at anytime. My cell phone number is 555-2341 and I look forward to you call.



Dear Ms. Trombley,

I appreciate the time you took out of your afternoon to meet with me about the hairdresser opening. You have a very busy and dynamic shop and I can see why you need another person.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that my expertise with seniors fits well with your “new-age” clientele. I know you mentioned that ideally you’d like me to bring my clients to your shop, but as I said, I am looking for a new salon because I’ve recently relocated. My clients are from across town and can’t make the trip here.

Perhaps you know of another salon that focuses on the older crowd? Could I ask you for a referral? I will stop by the beginning of next week when you said your schedule is a bit slower.

Thank you again for you time.


For more thank you note samples of this kind, please see our interview thank you note page.
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